All Aboard the Cannabus


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released December 12, 2012



all rights reserved


Brunt of it Boston, Massachusetts

Brunt of it blends a mix of Old School Hardcore Punk with distorted, dissonant ska. Infectious choruses with driving beats are the backbone of their no bullshit sound. In their 15 year existence they have shared the stage with numerous national/regional acts . The current line up continues the tradition of hardcore punk, while embracing the ska element more with an addition of a killer horn sound. ... more

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Track Name: Listerine
What you see is what you get
With this degenerate
Dogs are for kicking
Bars are for fighting
Stealing donations
That miserable prick

He's straight out mean.....bad to the bone
Some people change......we're sure he won't

It was bad when he started
Only getting worse
the drugs or the alcohol
Which will get him first
Wake up cocktail
Lunch time shots
run outta money
cuz he can't hold a job

The times are getting tougher.
His wallets getting lighter
As odd as it may seem.
Joeys drinking Listerine.

Life with no inhibitions
Traded life for bad prescriptions
His life's seems obscene
Joeys drinking Listerine

Sniffed a little glue
Sealed his nose shut
Huffed some gasoline
To open um back up
Drank Sterno with the bums.
But it Wasn't his scene
Back to where he started
Joey drinking Listerine
Track Name: Hey Man
hey man on the street
got no money got no food to eat
whats your story
Whatcha done
do you even know where your next meal will come from

was it just the cards you were dealt
or was it the life you've led
did you bring it on to yourself
or is it all just in your head

hey man are you alone
Both feet planted in the danger zone
wheres your famly
wheres your friends
do you have anybody that you can depend on

man I wanna know your story
What is it that brought you to this
Life on the street with spirits broken
Got no home and your penniless

hey man did it start out slow
was it all at once did you let them know
do they look for you
have they cut you off
have they come to terms that you are lost

He's a Nameless man..just remember
he's someones son...and someone's brother
Help if you can but not a handout
With this man ...Like any man ....we're equal in the end
Track Name: Federal Reserve
was it created just to fleece our country
Or was it to fund the shadow government

Printing the bills
Taking their cut
Bringing our country
deeper in debt
Won't last forever
doesn't make sense
Spiraling downward
deeper we get.....we will not forgive

It's totally absurd
Let them get what they deserve
Join in the four words
Abolish the federal reserve
Track Name: Soilty
Greatest country-its dear to me
our founding fathers aspirations
Please dont question my loyalty
with our soil not the politicians

Their words are lies but they mesmerize
pulling wool over the publics eyes
time for a change-futures in doubt
Coup D’etats is what Im talkin about

Brought up to think that we set the bar
My thoughts about that are quickly changing
TRUE democracy perfect in theory
its a warped version DC is practicing

Greedy for power -their need for riches
Theyve created a system that just doesnt work
Pray for the truth to rear its ugly head
In the words a wise man once said


Our time is now-No time to waste
Got to start over before its too late
Their democracy is a hypocrisy
Slinging their bullshit is what they get paid for

Their words are lies but they mesmerize
pulling wool over the publics eyes
time for a change-futures in doubt
coup d’etats what Im talking about
Track Name: THC
Twist that shit up then give it a light
Take a big hit and pass it to the right
Sticky green bud just won't stay lit
It's hard to picture my life without it

Because I can't take smoke from cigarettes
Don't need those pills from the psychiatrists
Keep your heroin ,your cocaine and your meth amphetamines
Cuz THC is right for me

Nothing like the taste of some good sensimilla
Natures prescription for whatever ails you
First thing in mornin and then into night
This herbal medication will make you feel alright

Why won't the government just realize
It would be much simpler if theyde legalize
They spend so much money and so much energy
To keep the weed away from me

I pack a bowl with a girl that I meet
Roll a blunt with my homey down the street
Twist up a fatty with the boys in the band
Smoke some ganja with the rastaman
Track Name: Too Much Information
Society is getting plagued by too much information
They've seen it all there's nothing left to the imagination
Too much exposure,numbing senses,desensitized
The net effect is comin clear right before our eyes

All this freedom that we re given
But can we handle it
Free to act on any impulse
Right at your fingertips
Global village or one world order not sure how to define
The glorious days of innocence have been left behind

Compare the youth to purity
seems to be a thing of the past
Takin away their innocence
They're growing up way too fast

Parental discretion will leaves its impression
It's advised and badly needed
Wounds inflicted on society
Will just keep on bleeding and bleeding
Track Name: Reprise Redux
Hey man, I wanna know your story. What is it that brought you to this? Life on the street with spirits broken, got no home and your penniless.
Track Name: Damage Control
D A M A G E....looks like its time for some damage control

Aw.......shit,what did I do last night
last thing I remember I got in a fight
I look at my phone,ten messages beeping
I'm pretty sure I ve made a mess of things

My glasses are shattered
Lips couldn't get much fatter
My head is pounding like a drum
Wondering what the hell Ive done

Aw....fuck ,were there witnesses
Need to find out what the situation is
As much as I try, my memory fails me
I fucked up any way that I see it

My pockets are empty
I can't find my car keys
If I m gonna have any chance at all
Gonna have to blame it on the alcohol

The walk of shame
Tail between my legs
I get to the door and there I find a note
It says that were done
Time to hit the bricks
Pound the fucking pavement
I Wont see her again

The weight is lifted
powers shifted
Finally the Freedom has come for me to ride
Track Name: Apocalyptic Dance Party
Eternal ride on that wide open road
Thinking bout the times ...I have left behind
First came the bombs
then came the plagues
Life as we knew it..faded away

My mistake, I was told they would die
But they awake with the devil in their eye
At first I run,then at second glance
Those dancin bodies were lifeless bags of flesh

I lost my wife...ain't got no kids
The lone rider of the apocalypse
The flesh is rotting.. the party's getting hot
a man has needs ....The end of times or not

grab a gasmask the bombs are blasting
Hasn't got a curfew it's everlasting
Time to grab a's now or never
Dancin to oblivion the biggest party ever
Bodies piled high....Party Till We Die

Everyones invited it's got no guest list.
Get the party started the zombies are restless
Bullets are the treble and bombs are the bass
The dancin undead is gonna wreck this place.
Bodies piled high...Party Till We Die

Well All the people might be dead
But all the cops are ignorant
To the party goin on out here
I think that's getting clear
I smell some cannabis blow over my head
fuck it, gonna get high with the living dead
Right here in the belly of the beast,
In the middle of the middle east
I throw my horns in the air
And down the last of my beer
I think those little white pills are starting to work on me

Rise up....outta your grave
musics gonna hit you like a tidal wave
Grab your girls hand wave it in the air
Shake it all around to the funky sound

this is the party what kind of party
The end of times will be the best of times
in this apocalyptic......... DANCE PARTY
Bodies piled till we die
the end of times will be the best of times
In this Apocalyptic ...DANCE PARTY